About salesforce service cloud

Salesforce Services Cloud is a CRM platform similar to the Sales Cloud but for customer service and support for any issues and grievances that may arise once the sales are completed. The service agents try to resolve their problems with the help of this platform in the most efficient way possible.

What do we offer to your business?

With our Salesforce Service Cloud Services, enjoy a variety of features that delivers a positive customer experience

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With the case management feature of Salesforce Service Cloud, we offer managing the information about clients, like the products and services that they have availed from the business, and past interactions if any. In this way, the service agent who is assigned to solve the issues of that particular customer can provide the best solution and satisfaction.

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Omni-channel refers to providing the convenience of contacting the business through any channel whether it be by calling, messaging, social media, emails, etc. And with our Salesforce service cloud consultants, enable omnichannel routing which assigns the customers to the service agents based on their skills so that the customers receive the best service possible.

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With this Salesforce Service Cloud benefit, we assess in creating a knowledge base for your service agents to access whenever they need so that they can provide the solutions to the issues of customers with accurate policies and procedures in mind.

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Computer telephony integration is one of the most advanced features of Salesforce Service Cloud as it enables logging of calls automatically with the facility of knowing who is calling, and previous call records and updating the status and the priority.

How Can You Benefit from it?

  • Solve Problems Anywhere

    Whether you are at the office, in the field, or in the comfort of your home, chat and talk with customers from anywhere, by ordering your own Salesforce app for customer service with customized features.

  • Data management

    Don’t just leave the data scattered on different platforms, and have it integrated into one single database so that your service agents can get whatever they need in one place hence they do not waste their productive hours looking for information..

  • Improvement of Business & Reputation

    When you provide the best customer service experience out there, it retains the loyalty of the customers. It results in the expansion of your business with the improvement of its reputation. Long-term customers represent the goodwill of a company which attracts more audience hence leading to your expansion.

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