About salesforce marketing cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the marketing automation software providing you the convenience of getting closer to your customers through its campaign management features. With different tools for a variety of purposes it proves to be a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

What do we offer to your business?

1. Journey builder

With Journey Builder, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants assist to in creating a journey for the customers i.e. how they will be proceeding through every channel, based on the data that we collect using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service of Data Studio. It also facilitates seamless communication across every channel.

2. Email Studio

Email Studio helps in creating customized email campaigns for your customers with the help of our expert consultants that will prove to be fit for your business for marketing through email.It offers folder management, content creation, tracking, administration of customer accounts, etc.

3. Audience Studio

Audience Studio collects and unifies the data in one place and then using Artificial Intelligence you can use that data to reach your target audience more efficiently and effectively.

4. Google Marketing Platfrom

Google Marketing Platform or Google Analytics 360 integrates Sales and Service Cloud and enables the nest marketing campaigns along with tracking website traffic, with the facility of managing multiple accounts and campaigns at once.

5. Datorama

Datorama collects data and brings it to you in one place so that you can make a true and informed marketing decision for your business and accurate predictions and forecasts.

6. Social Studio

Enjoy curation, creation, and management of all your social media posts with this tool, along with deep user insights for strategies that will induce real-time engagement.

7. Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio enables the most important element of digital marketing that convert leads at lightning speed-retargeting. It also integrates with your CRM data to create customized user experiences for your customers.

8. Mobile Studio

An average person spends approximately 4 hours on their mobile. With the help of the mobile studio, create and send text messages, SMS, and push notifications informing and influencing them about your products and services.

9. Interaction Studio

Track customer interaction across different social media channels with interaction studio on a real-time basis. With the collection of data, recommend products and services offered by you that would be best suited for that particular customer.

How Can You Benefit from it?

  • Customized user experience through Artificial Intelligence so that your product reaches its target audience.

  • Real-time analysis and insights provide you the benefit of tracking the interactions and hence revaluating marketing strategies and updating them accordingly.

  • Tracking a customer’s activity across your website can give you a better view of their needs and wants hence you can provide a better recommendation. This ensures lead generation and conversion.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Is relevant for whatever your business type is, whether B2B (when the consumer is another business) or B2C (when the product is delivered directly to the customer).

Let us wield our expertise to drive your build-out