Salesforce Automation

Salesforce automation, as suggested by name, is the process of automating various sales processes, either by using different tools provided by Salesforce or internally. Improve your business workflow and productivity of your agents, once implemented with our Salesforce Automation experts.

Considerable Tools That Salesforce Offer For Automation?

  • EngageBay

    Engage Bay is a useful tool if you want to keep track of every interaction that you have ever had with the leads and update and check the ongoing status.

  • Docomotion

    Docomotion allows you to create thousands of documents in just one click. Hence it allows you to create and send quotes, contracts, etc. in mere seconds along with personalization.

  • Pipedrive

    Pipedrive is a Salesforce automation tool that provides you the facility of sales reporting and forecasting. You can view your reports distinguished by products, customize the dashboard and predict the expected closing dates of deals and hence your sales team can act accordingly.

  • Qualtrics

    Qualtrics takes into consideration the most important aspect of sales-feedback. It collects feedback of customers across different channels and either you can act according to the feedback or it will provide the best possible solution to retain customer loyalty.

How Can You Benefit from it?

  • Determine the most effective strategy

    Salesforce automation and its tools allow you to automatically send and follow-up on potential leads, even if the sales reps. are unavailable or unable to do so.

  • Insight of sales process

    With visual reports and customized dashboards, you get an insight on the sales process and come up with the most efficient strategy to enhance or improve that.

  • Increase productivity of sales reps.

    Relieving the sales team from mundane repetitive tasks allows them to focus on the actual goals and reach their sales targets.

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