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    Automation Audits & Refactors

    Unfortunately, while some automation tools are easy to pick up they can very quickly get you into situations where SOQL, DML, or CPU Timeout errors pop up regularly. We have vast experience refactoring existing automations to remove recursion and overlap that inevitably occurs over time if not managed from the beginning. Our comprehensive Automation Audit includes a per-object report outlining your existing automations, bottlenecks, red flags, and benchmark metrics before and after a refactor to provide a quantifiable visualization of where performance was improved. Ask for more details!


    Custom API Integrations

    We have extensive experience in Salesforce professional services working with external systems to provide one-way push/pull or 2-way synchronization between Salesforce and any other app or service that has an accessible API Endpoint and/or webhook. Stop exporting reports from one system and manually uploading them to another. Let us help our Salesforce expert consultants cut hours, even days off your recurring task list!


    Custom App Development

    Need a critical feature but the only option is an App with high per-seat costs and license minimums? Have a great idea that you want to deploy to partner/peer orgs to allow direct synchronization between environments? Whatever you need, we have your back!


    Data Migration, Backup, and Preservation

    Data management can be tricky as your company scales or any time you transition from one app/platform to another. Let our Salesforce professional services help you with things your team may not have time for such as mass data updates, bulk record migration, and synchronization, data cleanup, and even backup and archival!


    Extensive Customizations

    Completely custom UI’s, replicating external websites on sites, merging multiple steps or apps into a single streamlined process, even building out your own version of a feature or app you saw online… If you can explain it we’ll help you obtain it!


    Governor Limit Audits & Refactors

    Unfortunately, we all have to live with Governor Limits and system restrictions imposed by Salesforce. It’s easy to paint yourself into a corner where SOQL, DML, or CPU Timeout errors pop up regularly or prevent you from adding new automations to your Org. Our team specializes in refactoring existing processes and customizations for optimal performance and scalability. Our comprehensive Org audit packages under Salesforce Consulting Services include options to focus on specific areas such as automations, security, best practices, license usage, and more!

    Every day we see ourselves and our team members wasting productive hours. It doesn't have to be that way!

    We all do it, often without even realizing it. When stuck doing the same mundane tasks day in and day out we tend to accept them as ‘part of the job’ and mindlessly click through the same multi-step processes or copy/paste data from A to B and don’t even give it a second thought. Imagine the possibilities if you could take 30, 40, or even 50% of those tasks and fully or even partially automate the process. Sales reps could make more calls, management could conduct more training or focus on BD, the world is yours! Stop wasting hours on excise tasks that could be spent nurturing leads or building client relationships. Ask one of the best Salesforce development company how we can enhance your productivity by letting Salesforce solutions do some of that heavy lifting!

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    Exclusively Focused on all things Salesforce

    Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

      • Implementation Assistance.
      • Managed Services.
      • Process Optimization.
      • Streamline your company processes.
      • Integrations
      • Custom Coded Applications
      • … and more!

    Digital Experiences (Formerly Partner & Customer Communities)

      • Give your Partners and Customers a Branded individual experience where they can manage their Account.
      • Team collaboration and communications
      • Custom components and processes
      • Drag and Drop site builder
      • Easy to maintain!

    Pardot & Marketing Cloud

      • Initial Implementation
      • Customized forms
      • Campaign Management
      • Template creation
      • Reporting

    Six Simple Steps to Maximize your Salesforce Investment

    1. Discovery

    With each new Project the first step should always be Discovery. During this phase, clearly identify your overall needs, challenges, known bottlenecks, bugs, etc., and provide a high-level walkthrough of your common use cases to the development team. Adequate background information provided upfront will ultimately result in a solution that not only provides you with the requested functionality you need but also seamlessly blend the addition into your existing processes with minimal interruptions.

    2. Design

    Once the development team has a solid understanding of your requirements and potential risks a senior developer and/or architect should work with the development and client teams to design a solution that not only meets your needs TODAY but also sets you up for future success! When it comes to design, there’s no such thing as too much detail so long as it is concise and well organized. Be thorough here and it will save you time once development begins!

    3. Development

    During development the team should regularly work with stakeholders either directly or through the assigned Project Manager to ensure deliverables are meeting the requirements and staying within the agreed upon budget. Prior to client review, each work item should be tested by a Quality Assurance Engineer and validated per requirements. Once confirmed, the stakeholder / SME responsible for the module should give their approval once they have completed testing of their own.

    4. Deployment

    Once the developer, QA, Project Manager, and client have all signed off on a work item or sprint a plan should be discussed to orchestrate the deployment into production. This will require stakeholder availability to re-test in production post-deployment to confirm functionality. It is critical at this phase to not only test the NEW functionality, but also any existing functionality that may have been inadvertently impacted by the deployment.

    5. Post go-live Support

    Once a project is deployed, stakeholders and development teams should closely monitor the org for unexpected errors over the first 3-5 days and report/fix/deploy any anomalies immediately. During this time there should be no new development in progress and all updates confirmed by stakeholders in sandbox and production orgs before closing the work item.

    6. Managed Services

    No matter how well you plan or design for the future there will always be maintenance required due to evolving company goals, new processes, security updates, and seasonal releases. While not required, it is recommended to consider adding a Managed Services Retainer for additional tasks and upkeep of your org. This is especially important if you typically use freelancers or non-certified admins to maintain your org. It is far easier to keep an environment organized and running well than it is to restore and rebuild after years of ad-hoc development.

    Six Simple Steps to Maximize your Salesforce Investment

    Salesforce Stories

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    Sales Cloud

    Devops PM

    Devops PM is a 100% Native-to-Salesforce Project Management app to help your team stay organized and on schedule while using the Salesforce platform! Allow your customers access to hours reports and dashboards in real-time, automate invoice generation, and collaborate at the record level with Chatter or our custom Slack Integration with our Salesforce professional services. Log hours and track team productivity with our native timesheet system OR take advantage of our Clockify Integration for a more powerful data collection and productivity tracking tool!

    Sales Cloud

    Enhanced Flex Queue

    Apex Batch jobs are very useful until you have too many running at once, too frequently, on large data sets, or any combination of the above. By default, the Apex Flex Queue in Salesforce platform only allows a maximum of 100 jobs to be enqueued at any given time. Any overflow is essentially 'skipped' until its next scheduled run. With our Salesforce development company, Enhanced Fex Queue is implemented, those limits are handled with a prioritized queue that lets you decide which jobs should execute first (by class name), and any overflow from the Standard Flex Queue is enqueued in the enhanced queue until space is available. Once a spot opens, the next prioritized job will be added to the queue and executed in sequence.

    Sales Cloud

    HVS - Enhanced Opportunity Cadences

    High-Velocity Sales is a powerful Enterprise-Level tool for keeping teams organized and structured. In one of the recent updates, Salesforce solutions included the ability to link cadences to Opportunities... but with some severe limitations. Out-of-the-box, HVS only supports having one opportunity in a cadence per contact at any given time. With EOC, you can relate multiple opportunities in cadences to a single contact! In addition, we have included a workaround for a feature-breaking bug within HVS itself that, as of this writing, causes the opportunity to be dropped from a cadence if you use the 'branching' feature in cadence steps and branch to a new cadence on the Salesforce platform.

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    Legal Services

    We have worked extensively in the legal services industry primarily focused on the Litify App, available on AppExchange, in partnership with Empiric Solutions.


    Real Estate

    We have had multiple clients in the Real Estate industry and would be happy to assist you in configuring a complete Salesforce solution for sales, lease, property management, condominium management, lending, and more!


    Financial Services

    We understand that when competing for leads in a fast-paced industry like Lending & Financial Services, response time can be the variable that makes or break a deal. We have implemented hundreds of automations focused on reducing the time gap from Lead creation to initial outreach, including SLA tracking so you can hold your sales team accountable!


    Retail Sales

    Whether using WordPress, Commerce Cloud, Shopify, or even a custom site, we know the importance of a seamless and organized sales process. You should never have to copy/paste or manually generate emails and invoices for each sale. Let Salesforce professional services do that for you with automations!